Kitesurfing with 300 days of wind per year

Kitesurfing is our main watersports at Che Shale, we are passionate about the sport. Justin, the owner of Che Shale, pioneered Kitesurfing in East Africa in the early 2000. He is a bit of a legend in Kenya when it comes to the sport (but he is super modest about it).

The kite spot is literally at your doorstep. Maximize your time on the water and enjoy early morning and late afternoon sessions as you please. Experience a one-of-a-kind combination of vast and uncrowded beach; reliable wind and a variety of kiting conditions from flat water to fun wave riding.

With an average of 300 days of wind per year; and an average of 16 knots, the best months are July through September and January through April. Our beach is protected by a reef, there are no rocks or sea urchins and you can kite on both low tide and high tide.

Kitesurfing Course Info

Beginner Kite Course

3 Days/9 Hours 340 €

From beginner to board stage

Day 1: Stunt Kite
Day 2: Body Dragging
Day 3: Board Stage

Refresher Kite Course

2 to 3 Days/ 6 Hours 220 €

Recommended add-on to the Beginner course. Also great for students who’ve completed a course a while ago and need a refresher. Master water start, ride upwind and learn transitions.

Supervised Practice

40 € /Hour

Recommended if you only have another day to spend at the beach after you completed your beginner Master water start, ride upwind and learn transitions

Kite Course + Stay Package

640€/person* in Kajama

875€/person* in Che Shale

6 nights on half board
Full Beginner Course (8 to 10 hrs)

*subject to Che Shale availability
*not available during peak holiday period or in conjunction with any other offer
*flights and airport transfers not included

Experienced Riders

Traveling with your own gear? Store your equipment in the school free of charge, and get assistance from our staff with launching, landing and rescue if needed. We've just revamped our school and be ready for chilled vibes from ealry morning till sunset sessions. Experienced riders rush to book their stay during our windiest months (18-25 knots) from July through end of September. In July and August join us for some fun waveriding. We can take our experienced wave-riders to a great spot few kilometers nearby.

Downwinders & Dhow Kite Trips

Our vast and wild, reef-protected bay is simply perfect for epic downwinders that take you from one end of the bay to the other. We organize downwinders throughout the kiting season and you don't want to miss them. And for a real treat, book a full day on our traditional East African sailing dhow Sawa Sawa and kite across our bay (Dec - April) or kite the stunning crystal clear waters of Mayungu Sandbar (July - November).

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