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What makes fishing off the Kenyan coast so special for big game fishermen is the variety of billfish; it is one of the few places in the whole world where one can try for a 'Fantasy Slam' (5 different billfish species in one trip) making it a great destination for fisherman after a trip of a lifetime. There is also the opportunity to catch a diverse range of game fish, from the common inshore game fish such as King Mackerel, Barracuda, Rainbow Runner, Bonito and several species of Trevally, to the offshore game fish such as Yellowfin Tuna, Amberjack, Wahoo and Dorado. 

We are lucky enough at Che Shale to have our own deep sea fishing boat, Snark. She is a beautiful old wooden boat which has recently undergone a complete overhaul; engine upgrades, top of the line Garmin equipment, brand new rods and reels and a tackle store of every fisherman's dreams! An adventure on Snark is the perfect addition to your beach holiday. 

We offer half days, full days and overnight trips and don't worry if you have never tried your hand at fishing before, our experienced crew onboard are happy to help. We work on a tag and release basis with the billfish that we catch. This way we can ensure the sustainability of our fishing grounds. We do keep good eating fish, and Sammy our head chef will happily cook it up for you that evening. 

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Fully equipped fishing boat recently undergone a complete overhaul. 

Huge variety of fish to catch; from billfish to game fish

Fishing Seasons

Kenya generally has year round offshore fishing with a short off season in May/June. The main billfish season runs from October to mid to late March, however Sailfish and Black Marlin often can be found closer to shore in July, August and September. If you are after Blue or Striped Marlin, it's better to fish between January and the middle of March.

Below is a breakdown of the seasons and what species you'd be expected to catch at the time of year:

  • July, August and September one can expect a good mixed bag of Black Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Kingfish, Giant Trevally and Yellowfin Tuna 

  • October, November and December is mainly Sailfish season together with pelagic fish

  • January, FebruaryMarch and April are the main Marlin months with Black, Blue and Striped Marlin with the Sailfish still around too. It is also a good time of year for Broadbill Swordfish making these the perfect months for the 'Slams'. Day dropping for Broadbill Swordfish is possible with the seas being generally calmer at this time of year. 

  • May and June, Kenya has the 'long rains' season, which is when most big fishing boats are out of the water undergoing maintenance. 

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