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Che Shale's Story

Che Shale Story

Che Shale was started by Johnny and Vanessa Aniere in the late 70s. Your host, Justin Aniere is one of their 3 children and he took over Che Shale in 1999.

Originally from Scotland and Spain, the family has been in Kenya for more than 100 years. Staying at Che Shale offers a glimpse into some fascinating history of Kenya; you can expect some unique stories shared around the bar in the evening.

“My parents spent several years in the bush running a mobile hunting camp in Kenya from the time my sisters and I were toddlers. My father was a professional hunter and during those hunting days, we ran a very remote beach lodge in Kiwayu, called Kiwayu Safari Village, North of Lamu. In Kiwayu my parents “pioneered” the makeka nature inspired building style; the same style used throughout Che Shale today.”

Secluded Beach Hotel Kenya

The Late 70s

Johnny Aniere

"In the late 70s we moved to the huge stretch of completely deserted beach we call Che Shale today. We arrived with our safari tents and set up our camp right on the beach and started to build bandas.

From the late 70s to early 90s, Che Shale was well known for its lavish seafood lunches, windsurfing, fishing and ultimate seclusion. Che Shale had become a bit of a jet set hideaway with a few celebrities, such as Richard Burton, coming here to seek privacy.

Che Shale is often described as castaway chic, secluded and stylish.

Michelle & Justin - Kiwayu - 1970s

My sisters and I attended boarding school in Nairobi and dad was flying us back to Che Shale on his Cessna for school holidays. Che Shale has been my playground for a long time and the ocean a big part of my life.


In 1999, I left safari and conservation work behind. I returned to Che Shale, revamped the property while retaining its core simplicity and introduced kitesurfing to East Africa. We realised we had been sitting on a world class kitesurf spot all these years.

Today my family and I live on site and together with our team, it is our pleasure to share our little slice of Kenyan paradise with you."

Che Shale Story

Vanessa Aniere in  the late 70s

Che Shale Story
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