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From Malindi, drive North on the Lamu Road. After about 20 minutes you will cross the Sabaki Bridge. From there continue on the Lamu Road until you see a sign for Che Shale that indicates a right turn onto a dirt road. Drive on that road for about 3 kms, and you will see another sign for Che Shale that indicates a right turn on a sand track. This is an easy sand track we’ve laid with coconut husks so you will have no problem driving on it. Simply follow the sand track and the next Che Shale signs for another 3 kms and you will arrive at Che Shale hotel.

Call or text us at +254 722 230 931 for help with directions or if you need us to arrange a taxi for you.

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Che Shale | P.O. Box 2082, 80200 Malindi, KENYA.

Tel: +254 722 230 931

Email: info@cheshale.com 

or cheshale@gmail.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to Che Shale?

The closest airport to us is Malindi Airport, just 45 minutes drive away, with frequent daily flights from Nairobi, with Fly540, Jambo Jet & East African Air. Safari companies can organise private flights into Malindi from most safari parks. Many of the international flights fly to Mombasa Airport, which is a 3 1/2 hours drive. We can organise pick up from both locations.


When is the best time to visit Kenya?

This is very dependent on what you wish to do! We have two main seasons here in Kenya, the Kusi and the Kaskazi. The Kusi (June-November) is typically wetter, with strong southeasterly winds and cooler temperatures (averaging around 26-28°C) whilst the Kaskazi (December-April) is our dry season, with warm northeasterly wind, calmer seas and clear water visibility (temperatures averaging around 28-30°C).

During the months of May and June we close the hotel for our annual renovations. 


For kitesurfers the best time is either July-September or Mid December - April, when the seasons winds are at their strongest.. The Deep Sea Fishing season runs through end of July through till April. 

Is Malaria  issue at Che Shale?

Malaria is endemic on the Kenyan coast so there is an effective risk all year round, although being remote the risk is very low. With correct prophylactics, and sensible use of insect repellents, chances of catching malaria are minimal.

Is there a swimming pool at Che Shale?

We do not have a swimming pool here at Che Shale, but our beach is protected by the reef and is incredibly safe with no strong currents, sea urchins or rocks to worry about. 

If I am not staying at the hotel, can I still come for lunch?

We are open to a limited number of outside clients per day so therefore booking is essential. Please call the office on +254 722 230 931 for reservations.