Kitesurfing and beach life on the Kenya coast


Your Perfect Day: Sailing and Kitesurfing Bliss on the Kenya Coast

Hop on board beautiful Sawa Sawa for a day of epic kitesurfing at Kenya’s picture-perfect sandbar.

Surely this is Kenya at its best – its wild, stunning and generous nature in full display. Try counting all the shades of blue and turquoise and emerald colors around you.

The Mayungu sandbar in Malindi is truly magical, and Sawa Sawa is how you get to experience it in style and comfort.

So this how your perfect day of sailing and kitesurfing at Mayungu sandbar unfolds. First, hop on Sawa Sawa in Malindi mid-morning, sail past the Marine Park, notice the water gets clearer and clearer; and the shades of blue just keep getting more stunning.

And then, here it is. Our destination: the magical Mayungu sandbar.

As we set anchor, the tide drops, and the most perfect sandbar welcomes us for a day of epic flat water kitesurfing and unwinding.

Not a kiter? Then you can chill on the dhow, swim, walk the sandbar, or spot a bright starfish.

But let’s rewind to the beginning of that perfect day and see what the Mayungu buzz is all about.

Land Rover kenya kitesurfing Leaving Che Shale with our guests. After loading kite gear, food and drinks in the Land Rover, we are off to Malindi, a quick 20 Kms drive.

dhow sailing kitesurfing

To start with, getting  all the gear onto Sawa Sawa. Now we head to Mayungu sandbar, an easy 45 minute ride with engine.

dhow sailing kitesurfing

Captain Bongo, one of the most experienced dhow sailors in Kenya. Bongo has a special bond with Sawa Sawa, as he and Justin sailed her from Mozambique to Che Shale a few years ago.

dhow sailing kitesurfing

dhow sailing kitesurfing

Spacious, stylish and comfortable Sawa Sawa. The colors of the Malindi Marine Park start to unveil. A magical blend of blue, turquoise and emerald.

kenya beach canoe Indian Ocean fishermen

Sailing past local fishermen. In the meantime, we hug the coastline dotted of thick towering baobabs.

dhow sailing kitesurf kenya

Justin sets the “legs” for Sawa Sawa to rest on low tide while we will be kiting, swimming and chilling for the day.

dhow sailing kitesurfing kenya And Sawa Sawa now sits at perfect low tide position. From here on, this I our spot for the day.

dhow sailing kitesurfing kenya

dhow sailing kitesurfing kenya

Sawa Sawa from above. Bliss.

kitesurfing kenya malindi kitesurfing kenya malindi

Next is a pre-lunch low tide kiting session. Wind looking steady perfect for size 10 or 12.

kitesurfing kenya malindi

kitesurfing kenya malindi kitesurfing kenya malindi Endless riding at Mayungu sandbar. Reef in the backdrop.

kitesurfing kenya malindi

And now is time to grill some fresh seafood on board. Captain Bongo has lit up the charcoal BBQ grill.

kitesurfing kenya malindi

kitesurfing kenya malindi

After lunch. More swimming and sunbathing.

kitesurfing kenya malindi

As the tide comes in, there is still time for a last kite session before lifting anchor and (reluctantly) sailing back to Malindi.

kitesurfing kenya malindi

kitesurfing kenya malindi

kitesurfing kenya malindi

And we sail back to Malindi with a good Kusi wind behind us. The end of a picture-perfect day in a postcard-like setting, kiting and chilling at Mayungu sandbar in Malindi.

Because this is far from your average touristy boat trip, Sawa Sawa promises a one-of-a-kind experience. In other words, Che Shale and Captain Bongo have crafted the perfect day of bliss on the water for you.

Tempted to you join us on Sawa Sawa?

The Details:

  • From July – November, Sawa Sawa is anchored in Malindi in front of Osteria Beach with whom we have teamed up for the season
  • All payments made at Osteria Beach (Cash or Mpesa)
  • Min 4 guests. Max 12 guests.
  • Starts 10 am – Ends 4 pm. Times can vary slightly depending on tides.
  • 50% non-refundable deposit required for booking. Remainder paid on day of sailing.
  • 4,500 Ksh per person + KWS Marine Park Fees: 17 USD international visitors. 300 Ksh Kenyan residents. 130 Ksh Kenyan citizens.
  • Extra charge: Grilled Seafood lunch and drinks provided and charged by Osteria Beach.

Email or call Che Shale for booking.


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