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Kitesurf Downwinder at Che Shale: Your Must-Experience, Epic Kite Session

Did anybody say downwinder? Get ready for your biggest Kitersurf smiles ever! Embark on a Che Shale downwinder that combines adventure and sightseeing.

Downwinders hold a special place in the hearts of riders, and we are no exception 🙂 They truly capture the essence of the freedom of kitesurfing. Riding a long distance, playing around waves, speeding on flat water, as the landscape unfolds across the horizon, all rolled into one perfect kitesurf session.

A good downwinder truly is one of the classic kitesurf experiences any rider must indulge in.

kitesurf kenya downwinder

Want to improve your riding skills and try some new sensations on the water? Treat yourself to your first downwinder!

Because the wind is behind you, on a downwinder you don’t have to worry about loosing ground; this makes it the perfect kitesurf session to practice your toeside riding, and to enjoy these long carved turns.

Our instructors join your group on your downwinder from Che Shale to the other side of the bay. We are talking a good 8 kms to 10 kms of bliss and fun shared with other riders. Che Shale’s good old Land Rover waits for riders on the other side of the bay, and brings everyone back to the kite school.

kitesurf kenya downwinder

Riding into sun setting behind the sand dunes.

kitesurf kenya downwinder

Rolling waves, untouched beaches, luxurious amount of space.

kitesurfing at Che Shale in Kenya

kitesurf kenya downwinder

Just as the clouds melt into the water at sunset, kites are landing and smiles are on everyone’s faces.

kitesurf kenya downwinder

Happy kiters. Mission accomplished.

kitesurf kenya downwinder

kitesurf kenya downwinder

kitesurf kenya downwinder

There is always a cold Tusker beer at the other end of your downwinder,

kitesurf kenya downwinder

Time to pack. Amazing how much you can fit into a Landy!

kitesurf kenya downwinder

The ride back on the beach on the roof of the Che Shale Land Rover. Best seat in the house.

kitesurf kenya downwinder

Ending with a rainbow? Now this is perfection.

Keen to join us on a downwinder? We ask for a minimum of 4 riders. You need to be at a good intermediary level and able to self rescue and ride with confidence.

We run downwinders all season long, except November and December (no wind) and off season when we close (May and June).

Non kiters can ride along in the Land Rover on the beach as we meet the riders on the other side of the bay.

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