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Kitesurfing and Kite Buggy at Che Shale

Our beach has been blessed with the most ideal conditions for kitesurf learners and expert riders alike. We offer a range of courses and have professional instructors, equipment, rescue boat and everything you need to learn safely this incredibly addictive water sport!

SUP (Stand Up Paddle):

A SUP is a wide, thick and very stable surf board with a special (adjustable) paddle. It’s quick and easy to learn. In one hour of lesson you’ll be up and paddling away! Our bay is perfect for exploring and you might catch some little waves too. A great all body workout that will leave your abs and biceps all toned up!


Malindi is the best spot on the Kenyan coast for surfing. The outer reefs attract a large swell all year round, peaking in June through September when the seasonal monsoons bring some excellent breakers. Surfers should bring their own boards and wax.

SCUBA Diving and Snorkeling

There are several world-class dive sites on the North Coast. Diving is good all year round, although visibility lessens during July and August due to silting and high seas. One of the best sites is in the Watamu Marine National Park. These range from shallow coral gardens ideal for learners to spectacular outer reef walls. Sea life is always consistently abundant. Sightings of Whale Sharks on outer reef dives along the Kenyan Coast in February-March each year are almost guaranteed . The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, measuring up to 18 meters and weigh up to 20 tons. It feeds on platonic creatures and small fish, and has only tiny teeth.

Deep Sea Fishing

This is a seasonal activity, which is extremely popular and excellent here in Malindi. Che Shale can organize deep-sea fishing trips departing and returning right in front of our hotel (depending on the season).




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