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5 Reasons to Fall in Love with our New Kitesurfing School

Che Shale is where epic kitesurfing meets extreme chilling. And our new Kite School welcomes students and riders to kite and chill in style.

The return of the Kusi Kitesurfing season in Kenya is always an exciting time. It is when the serious riders come back to Che Shale. It is also prime season to learn with steady, reliable and strong wind (yes you want strong wind for lessons!).

And this year we have reopened with a brand new Kitesurf School which we are super stoked about. Feedback from students and riders has been super positive. Thumbs up and big smiles all around.

So, what are the top 5 things you will love about the new Kite School at Che Shale?

1- The handy, dedicated storage for riders to keep their gear organized and ready to roll as early as you want! 

2- The wood canoes turned sofas and the funky hammocks invite students and riders to unwind in between sessions.

kitesurf school Kenya students chillingkitesurfing school Kenya kitesurfing school Kenya

3- The perfectly strong cup of espresso delivered with a smile before your session. The bar and restaurant are only a stone’s throw from the school.

4- The perfect view of our kite spot from our raised deck – so you can check who’s wiped out or busted some cool moves!

5- The irresistible urge to take a selfie with our “couples kiting together” sign – Just because you can 🙂

Keen to take our beginner Kitesurf course? Check out our “Kite & Stay Packages”. Within 3 to 5 days, with good wind conditions you will get on the board and we hope you get hooked and keep coming back for more.

Best wind conditions at Che Shale are from July to early October and from end of December to end of April. Che Shale hotel and restaurant are open year-round except May and June (rainy season).


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