Kitesurfing and beach life on the Kenya coast


Have you found your perfect beach hotel in Kenya?

Life is complicated. Choosing your beach hotel in Kenya shouldn’t be.

First time in Kenya and keen to combine a beach stay with your safari? Or perhaps you’ve recently moved to Kenya, and you can’t wait to explore our beaches?

Know before you go

You will find lots of options up and down the Kenya coast. And, if you have already eliminated the plain-vanilla, blocks-of-concrete, crowded beach hotels from your list of options, then read on. Che Shale might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

Introducing Che Shale’s 10 “Moments of Truth”

We call them “Che Shale’s 10 Moments of Truth”.  They are the essence of who we are, and they offer a glimpse into what it is like staying at Che Shale.

beach hotel Kenya banda

So, are we your perfect beach in Kenya? Let’s find out.

If you answer “Yes, this is me” to most of these moments of truth, then we think you need to come and check us out.

  • “I dream of miles of empty beach in Kenya where I can be completely undisturbed.”
  • “Sometimes I just need to get off the grid.”
  • “I love rustic and simple, but touches of comfort are nice too.”
  • “I am kiter. I want to kitesurf a spot that is uncrowded and with top wind stats.”
  • “I picture myself sipping my first cup of coffee with a perfect beach sunrise”
  • “I’m a foodie. I am ready to indulge in new seafood delicacies.”
  • “I easily trade 24-hour CNN and noisy discos for the sounds of nature.”
  • “This is how I chill on the beach: good book, massages, beach swing bed, long walks, lazy lunches, refreshing cocktails.”
  • “It matters to me when the hotel staff remembers my name.”
  • “Traveling is about authentic, real and unrehearsed experiences.”

waiter beach cocktails Kenya

When you finally discover your kind of beach, the one that reflects who you are and what matters to you, the magic happens.

Once you experience Che Shale, you might be tempted to keep it a secret. We undersand the feeling. But please, do share us with close friends and family.



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