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Beginner Kite Course

You are a complete beginner and have at least 3 days to spend on the beach? The beginner course will take you from equipment safety to the board stage.

Day 1:
Theory & Safety
Day 2:
Body Dragging
Day 3:
Board Riding

Equipment and safety theory

Kite set-up and kite maintenance

Safety systems of the kite

Power zone and wind windows

Fly a stunt kite and a full size kite on the beach

Launch and land the kite on the beach

Practice more landing and launching on the beach

Learn to re-launch kite in the water

Basic downwind body dragging in the water

Advanced upwind body dragging in the water

Body dragging with board in the water

Board theory

Water start (practice, practice)

Safety rules on the water

All the right conditions for learning:
  • Lot of space on the beach and on the water
  • Warm water year round
  • Reliable wind
  • Bay protected by a reef
  • Flat water on low tide
  • No pesky coral or rocks or sea urchins to worry about.
  • Latest Best Kiteboarding equipment

Can anyone take a Beginner Kite Course?
As long as you are reasonably fit and comfortable in the water, you can learn to kite. Half of our students are women and we teach teenagers starting at age 12 (or younger if we determine their size and weight are appropriate).

What do I need to bring?
The water at Che Shale is warm year round, no wetsuit required. Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and a rash vest for sun protection are recommended.

What if I can’t complete the full course?
The course is divided up into three stages (Day 1, 2 and 3) and you will only be charged for the sections you have completed. At the end of each session you and your instructor will review what you learned so you know exactly where you are at.

When is the best time to take a course at Che Shale?
July through End of September is our windiest time, with wind blowing all day from early morning till sunset. For experienced riders, this is the wave-riding season on high tide when we have good swell.
Mid December until end of April is also a good time, with wind blowing in the afternoon, which leaves the morning for relaxing or maybe a try at SUPs (Stand Up Paddle).

What’s next?
Now that you are at the board stage, we recommend you sign up for the refresher course or for a few hours of supervised practice. There your instructor will focus on getting you going on the board, riding upwind, improving your stance and your confidence.

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